Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the Association to assist the community in the preservation and promotion of the Victorian history (c. 1830-1930), architecture and character of Willimantic.


In February 1998,  Founding President Bruce Bellingham invited a group of local home owners to his beautifully-restored home at 183 Summit Street to discuss topics of mutual interest concerning the care and maintenance of historical houses. The enthusiastic Willimantic residents all share a deep sense of pride in their homes and community.


The Willimantic Victorian Neighborhood Association, Inc., which meets the last Sunday of each month from 3:30 – 5:00, has elected officers and a board of directors and has a mailing list of over 200. It has become a respected presence in the community through participation of its members on the Town and Gown Committee and its highly successful Victorian Home Tour. During the first annual show  in 1999, over 1000 people visited the ten charming homes which were open. In the past 9  years over 54 different homes were open to an additional 600 visitors each year.

The Association funded and earned recognition on the National Register of Historic Places and recently obtained non-profit status. Visitors to Willimantic are impressed by the high concentration and classic design of the homes in the Prospect Hill section rivaling those in San Francisco. In addition, the group has received wide exposure & created interest in Willimantic’s exceptionally large collection of Victorian homes through our web site.

Membership information and an application  are included here for potential members. To encourage restoration and single-family ownership, business and financial leaders offer valuable incentives, including paint and financial assistance.

Each monthly meeting, chaired by current president Robert Horrocks, features a speaker on a topic related to preservation, finance, law, town government and restoration development. These informative sessions are frequently followed by a visit to a member’s home and then a potluck supper.  All in all, an enjoyable mix of business, education and fellowship.

Come join us, not only as visitors to our homes of which we are so proud, but as members and supporters of the Willimantic Victorian Neighborhood Association.

For further information, contact:
Robert Horrocks, President
Willimantic Victorian Neighborhood Association