Willimantic Victorian Neighborhood Association This House Can Talk

This House Can Talk

Take an audio tour the historic houses of Willimantic’s Chestnut Hill using your Smart Phone.

As you walk about our neighborhood, you will see small signs with QR codes. Scan the code with any QR Reader application to hear a narrated story about the house.


During times when there is no scheduled This House Can Talk event, you may listen to the stories of any of the houses on the This House Can Talk tour here.

Click on the house name.


Street Address House Name
144 Chestnut Archibald Sharpe House
196 Church Frank M. Wilson House
255 High Edgar Young House
201 Lewiston Nelson Daniels House
202 Lewiston Albert Morse House
210 Lewiston The Thread City Collar Company
159 North George Nason House
190 North Fred D. Jordan House
183 Prospect Arthur I. Bill House
191 Prospect Taylor–Hathaway House
291 Prospect William D. Grant House
125 Summit John C Tracy House
183 Summit Joseph Dwight Chaffee House
208 Summit Frank Foss House
251 Walnut Alvin W. Maxwell House
266 Walnut Allen B. Burleson House
9 Washburn Joseph S. Jones House
90 Windham The Rev. Edwin George House
122 Windham Wilton Little House
84 Windham Lorenzo Litchfield House


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